Detailed Film Critique

Get your film critiqued by one of our experienced judges

Criticism may not always be agreeable but it is always necessary. Filmmakers require constructive feedback at every stage of their development, whether they're just starting out or they've been making films for decades.

Attending film festivals is one way to get feedback on your work from audiences (or from the festival itself, if they offer this service), but what about when you can't physically be at your screening or participate in round tables or workshops?

We offer you the opportunity to get your film project critiqued by one of the many international judges we collaborate with on our festivals. For just $50, you receive 1-2 pages of in-depth analysis and feedback on your project within 7 business days. The critique can be more or less general, or focus on particular elements: story and script, cinematography and editing, music, acting, or whatever else you're interested in having analysed. Our judges will dive deep into your film, providing detailed analytical feedback that you can use to either improve your film or keep in mind for your future work.

A critique can provide priceless value, as it not only offers you an objective and honest assessment of your project, but it also contributes to the growth of your craft.

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