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7 Festivals, Instant Entry

Save $195 in submission fees by purchasing this Festival Package!

For up-and-coming ambitious filmmakers looking to break into the international film scene. Independent filmmaking relies on the festival circuit for exposure and networking. We provide a number of great value solutions to increase your visibility within the film industry.

Our Festival Package includes:

Instant entry codes for the following international independent film festivals:

Oslo Film Festival 

Annual Copenhagen Film

Prague Film Awards

Firenze Film Festival

Santorini Film Festival

Stockholm Independent Film Festival

Rome Independent Cinema Festival

The festivals feature live worldwide screenings, filmmaker round tables, Q&A’s, workshops, and networking sessions.

Free E-book on Mastering the Submission Process. Worth $35, this professionally crafted guide offers independent filmmakers crucial advice and tips on how to make their projects stand out in the festival circuit. Written by filmmakers and festival programmers who've experienced it all.

Discounts on multiple partnering festivals, including Dublin Independent Film Festival, Budapest Independent Film Festival, and Close:Up Reykjavik Film Festival.


✐ Increase the value of your project by adding a Detailed Film Critique to your purchase - get 1-2 pages of feedback on your film from one of our experienced judges within 7 days.

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